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NCC-1701-KB v2 Logo

by The Mad Noodle

NCC v2 - Product Shot
Noodlepad Title

The Special Edition Star Trek-Inspired Keypad.

Identical feature set to The NoodlePad v.1but skinned with a gold Star Fleet Badge, the USS Enterprise Galaxy Class Starship, and a Trek Colorway.

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

NCC v2 - Product Shot
NCC v2 - On Black Product Shot-NCC on Bl

Resistance is Futile

8 Mechanical

Cherry MX Keyswitches

Knurled Aluminum

chrome encoder knob

Fully programmable

Open-source QMK Firmware

There are 4 lights

Addressable RGB under-glow

Powerful embedded

Atmega32U4 processor

Lasercut acrylic


Premium components, small-batch manufacturing techniques, and a Bare PCB Aesthetic to display its elegant engineering

For a full feature break down see NoodlePad v.1

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