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Udon13TMN Logos

by The Mad Noodle

Udon13 - Black - Black



Designed with functionality and desk appeal in harmony. The Udon13 uses premium components, such as Kailh Hotswap Sockets and the classic and powerful Atmega32u4 processor.


That, along with premium small-batch manufacturing partners, allows us to show off its elegant engineering with a Bare PCB Aesthetic.

Udon13 Hot Swap

With 12 Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets, you easily change and swap your keypad to any MX style keyswitch to find the perfect feel and sound.

Mechanical Switches& Hot Swap Sockets


With one aluminum knurled encoder knob, and 12 mechanical Switches you have an endless combination of mappable keystrokes. 

Udon13 - Black - Black - Float Side
Udon13 - White - Red - OLED Data


The full RGB Underglow system uses

six ultra-bright addressable RGB LEDs which allow for infinite color combinations and lighting animations.

The most notable feature of the Udon13 is the 128x32px OLED Display. Capable of displaying graphics and vital info like your current layer and the state of your main keyboard.

(Please note: Customizing your display to anything other than the default requires advanced knowledge of QMK Firmware)

Enhance Your Workflow

Create complex macros to increase your speed and efficiency with the freedom and expansive functionality of QMK Firmware, the leading open-source keyboard enthusiast firmware.


And for speed and ease of use, The Udon13 is fully compatible with Vial, the open-source cross-platform GUI for configuring your keyboard in real-time!


USB Type-C & Rotary Encoder

The Udon13's 24PPR rotary encoder can be mapped to anything from volume to brush size, making it an extremely versatile tool in your workflow, and its knurled aluminum knob and the tactile clicks give you an ultra-premium sense as you rotate.

Along with that, a Modern USB Type-C connector with its omnidirectional freedom makes travel and portable work, less frustrating. 

Udon13 Options

PCBs in 3 Colors

Sourced from a high-quality PCB house, these PCBs are all individually milled, leaving clean smooth edges, and gold plated pads give a high end polished aesthetic.

Available in 3 color options.




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