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Udon13v2 - 2.png

by The Mad Noodle

Step Up Your Desktop

  • Fully Programmable Premium Bespoke Macro Keypad

  • 12 Hot-Swap Mechanical Switches

  • Knurled Metal Push-Button Encoder Knob

  • 128x64px OLED Screen

  • Ergonomic 25° Non-Slip Tilt Feet 

  • Customizable RGB Under-Glow

  • QMK & VIA Firmware Compatible

  • PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and More

  • Powerful RP2040 Chipset

  • The Mad Noodle's Classic Bare-PCB Aesthetic

Udon13 v2 - On White - Premium Engineering-White-240518-296.jpg

Engineered to balance functionality, premium feel, and desk appeal, the Udon:13 v.2 Macro Keypad is crafted using top-tier components. It features the robust Kailh Hotswap Sockets and the esteemed RP2040 processor for powerful performance.




Coupled with our select small-batch handmade manufacturing, we take pride in showcasing its refined engineering through the sleek "Bare PCB Aesthetic".

Udon13 v2 - On White - Mechanical Switches & Hot Swap Sockets-White-240518-2.jpg

Equipped with 12 Kailh Hot-Swap Sockets, this keypad allows for effortless customization, enabling you to interchange any MX-compatible keyswitches to achieve your ideal tactile response and acoustic experience.

Mechanical Switches & Hot Swap Sockets


Featuring a polished aluminum knurled push-button encoder knob and twelve mechanical switches, it offers a vast array of programmable keystroke and macro combinations allowing users to execute complex commands with a single keystroke, saving time, increasing efficiency, and even giving gamers an edge in fast-paced games.

Udon13 v2 - On White - Tilted Stand-White-240518-1.jpg

Ergonomics and
All-Round Capability

Crafted for the dynamic needs of creatives, professionals and gamers, it reduces repetitive strain thanks to its ergonomic design and by minimizing the number of keystrokes needed for frequent actions.

Featuring its new removable Ergonomic 25° Non-Slip Tilt-feet, this macropad is designed to place your keys and knob in the optimal position for effortless use. The tilted angle not only reduces repetitive strain but also provides a clear view of the keypad's screen, enhancing both comfort and efficiency for gamers and professionals alike.

This versatile keypad boasts compatibility with PCs, Macs,iPads, and even more — basically, anything you can plug a keyboard into. It offers seamless integration with a variety of applications, from Procreate and Photoshop to video editing software and even Excel.

Udon13 v2 - On White - Enhance Your Work Flow-White-240518-1.jpg

Enhance Your Workflow

Enhance your productivity by crafting sophisticated macros with QMK Firmware, the premier choice for keyboard aficionados seeking extensive customization capabilities.


Additionally, The Udon:13 v.2 offers seamless integration with VIA, an intuitive, open-source software that enables immediate, real-time keyboard configuration and macro recording across various platforms, straight from the packaging.

Udon13 v2 - On White - OLED-240518-2.jpg

OLED Display

The Udon:13 v.2 features a crisp 128x32px OLED display shielded by a smoked acrylic window for a more polished look and refined appearance. This display provides crucial information at a glance, including your current keymap layer and the status of your main keyboard's Caps Lock, Num Lock, and Scroll Lock right out of the box.

What's more, with some firmware tweaks and a bit of skill, you can customize the display to show anything you want, from system stats to personalized messages, making it a truly versatile tool tailored to your unique needs.

(Note: To modify what your OLED displays, you must use and be familar with QMK Firmware.)

Udon13 v2 - On White - RGB and Lasers-Black-240518-4.jpg

RGB & Lasers

The Udon:13 v.2's vibrant RGB Underglow system features six high-intensity, programmable RGB LEDs, offering a limitless array of color options and dynamic lighting effects.

This system is perfectly complemented by our precisely laser-cut and etched Acrylic Base Plate, key Plate, and Tilt Feet Kit. The precision of the design ensures that the base and logo are beautifully edge-lit, rendering the Udon:13 astonishingly eye-catching!

Udon13 v2 - On White - USB-C and Rotary Endcoder-Black-240518-2.jpg

USB Type-C & Rotary Encoder

The Udon:13's 24PPR rotary encoder can be mapped to anything from volume to brush size, making it an extremely versatile tool in your workflow, and its knurled aluminum knob and the tactile clicks give you an ultra-premium sense as you rotate.

Along with that, a Modern USB Type-C connector with its omnidirectional freedom makes travel and portable work, less frustrating.

Udon13 v2 - On White - Tilted Stand - Removeable-Black-240519-1.jpg

Choosing the Right Keypad

Keypad Chart.png
Udon13 v2 - On White - Small Batch Productions-240520-2.jpg

High-Quality Small Batch Production

Drawing on our extensive experience designing and manufacturing keypads, we've come to understand that exceptional products stem from exceptional production processes.



To ensure our processes remain top-notch, we're excited to introduce all Mad Noodle Keypads through "Small Batch Drops." This approach will enable quicker delivery, enhanced quality assurance, and the potential for exclusive, limited-run editions.

Current Batch Options:

Step Up Your Desktop

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