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Jesse Leventhal is the brains behind The Mad Noodle. A born and raised New Yorker, currently based out of Brooklyn, he's been an avid and highly involved member of the Maker community and 3D printing industry for several years now and is always trying to push the world of rapid manufacturing forward. He independently ran a 3D printing business making customized products before being recruited to develop and run a print service division for a popular 3D printer manufacturer's large-scale print farm. Jesse's pursuit to make cool stuff, in cool ways, with cool technology, is what led to the formation of The Mad Noodle.

The Origins of The Mad Noodle

Using the skills I've developed over my lifetime of "making", I started to develop projects in my spare time to help me in both my work and everyday life. These projects became a creative outlet for me and I realized I wanted to share these stupid, fun, and often useful ideas with other people. With the experience that I've gained in engineering, product design, and bringing products to market, I was able to help other people bring their own ideas and concepts to fruition as well. And this is how The Mad Noodle as you know it came to be.

But Why the Name?
My online gaming alias has always been NoodleMan. When my friends came into my home workshop, one said it looked just like a mad scientist's lab, and another friend immediately rebutted with, "'s a mad noodle's lab!" And thus, The Mad Noodle was born. Stupid, I know...

Jesse Dumbo Water Front

“Jack of all trades is a master of none, though oftentimes better than a master of one.” 

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- Shakespeare
(Bet ya didn't know that 😜)
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