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The NCC-1701-KB Keypad is a custom Star Trek-inspired programmable mechanical keypad with an encoder knob.


The keypad runs on the QMK Keyboard firmware and each of the 9 mechanical key switches can be individually programmed to fit your needs, including the knob!


Underneath, there are 4 ultra-bright blue LEDs that give an awesome "pulsing" warp speed underglow effect! These can also be programmed to "blink" or "breath" in a variety of patterns.


You have the option to choose your Key Pad either with or without a Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Base Plate kit that includes all hardware and a translucent clear bottom panel, that glows with the backlight! 


You have the choice of a:

  • Fully assembled NCC-1701-KB Keypad with either Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, or Black Key Switches and white DSA keycaps
  • Semi-assembled NCC-1701-KB Keyboard with everything but the switches and keycaps
  • Disassembled Kit NCC-1701-KB includes PCB and all components needed to assemble
  • Bare NCC-1701-KB Keypad PCB to assemble your self (No components included!)



NCC-1701-KB: Custom Star Trek Inspired Macro-Pad

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