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The Noodle Pad v.2 Keypad is a programmable mechanical keypad with an encoder knob.


For a full product overview see NoodlePad


The keypad can run on either QMK or Vial open-source keyboard firmware and each of the 8 "Hot-Swappable" key switches can be individually programmed to fit your needs, including the knob!


USB Type-C connector


Comes in 5 Available PCB Colors


Underneath, there are 4 ultra-bright addressable RGB LEDs that allow for a full suite of animations.


Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Base Plate and Hot-swap keyplate kit that includes all hardware and a translucent clear bottom panel with an etched Mad Noodle Logo, that glows with the backlight!


You have the choice of a:

  • NoodlePad Keypad kit with a set of 8,  Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, or Black Key Switches along with either White or Black keycaps and A Silver or Gold encoder knob and all necessary acrylic plates (Fully Assembled)
  • NoodlePad Keypad with everything but the Cherry MX switches and keycaps. Keycaps sets can be purchased separately HERE.  


(Due to supply chain issues caused by the silicon shortage and other obstacles caused by COVID-19. Please allow for some delays!)


The Noodle Pad v.2 | Custom Macro-Pad

  • RED, BLUE, PURPLE, WHITE and BLACK Keypads are now in stock and shipping!

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