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Individual Colorway packs for the Mad Noodle Tilt Case Set!


Customize your Tilt Case Set with new and different colorway packs!
Match your keycap setup by mixing and matching multiple colors!


Stay tuned for special edition and short-run packs


Each Colorway Pack includes a full set of 3 Tilt Angle Bracket options (10º, 25º, and 45º) and a matching Rim Plate.



This listing DOES NOT include a Mad Noodle keypad or Tilt Case Set

Links to purchase a Keypad or Tilt Case

Tilt Case Colorway Packs

  • 2 x 10º Tilt angle brackets

    2 x  25º Tilt angle brackets

    2 x 45º Tilt angle brackets

    1 x Rim Plate

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