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Getting Started:
Mad Noodle Tilt Case Set

Where To Start?

So you got your new Mad Noodle Tilt Case Set. Here's how to assemble it. 

Step 1:

Sort Your Hardware And Remove Protective Films 

Follow the graphic below to sort your various hardware packs. 

Some of the acrylic pieces may still have their protective film. This can easily be peeled away. 

NOTE: M2x6 screw types vary according to which hardware color option you've selected. Black and Stainless are "Socket Head" screws. Brass is "Pan Head" Philips screws.

Hardware 3
Step 1

Step 2:

Mount Your PCB 

Ensure there are no keycaps on your Keypad PCB. Take the clear top plate of your TCS (Tilt Case Set)feed 4 of the M2.5 screws through the countersunk holes on the top plate and the mounting holes on your Keypad PCB. Secure the PCB to the top plate using 4 M2.5 Nuts. CAREFUL: Do not overtighten, acrylic may crack. 

Note: If you are assembling for the Version 2 NoodlePad, You should have received 2 Plates rather than the single pictured in this image, place the thin plate on top of the thicker plate and assemble as you would the standard version 2 Baseplate.

Asset 18

Step 3:

Lower Frame and Back Plate 

Take the bottom plate of your TCS and 

Using all 8 stand-offs and 8 of your M2 Screws secure standoffs to the bottom plate.  Ensure the access hole for the keypads Reset Button is on the correct side (Right Side when looking from above). Leave screws loose for now.

To mount your lower frame, slip the stand-offs that are now attached to the backplate through the larger holes on the Lower Frame.

The fit can be snug but be gentle, the acrylic can easily break.


Asset 17
Step 2
Step 3

Step 4:

Join Assemblies 

Place the exposed portion of the standoffs from the Lower Frame assembly through the outer holes on the PCB/Top plate assembly.

Step 5:

Colorway Kit Top Frame 

From your Colorway kit, Take the top frame, and using the rest of your M2 Screws, Screw the frame into the 8 standoffs that are now encased in the rest of your Tilt Case assembly.

NOTE: If there is a Matte and a Glossy side to your colorway kit piece, ensure the Matte side is face up before securing. 

Asset 12
Step 4
Support Step 1
Support Step 2

Step 6:

Colorway Tilt Bracket

Contained in your Colorway kit bag are 3 Tilt Bracket angle options (10, 25, 45 Degree). Take both Tilt Brackets of your desired angle. M2.5 Nuts slip into each of the T-Slots located on the side of both tilt brackets.


Take the Foot Plate of your TCS, With the logo etching face up, slot the tab on the Tilt bracket in the slot on the Foot Plate.


Feed the final 4 M2.5 Screws though the bottom of the Foot Plate into the Nuts now nested in the Tilt Bracket. Secure the Foot Plate to the Tilt Bracket. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!

NOTE: If you are having trouble. It can help to do one nut and one screw at a time, Holding the nut in place with your thumb and forefinger on either side of the Tilt Bracket while threading in the M2.5 Screw. 

Asset 18

Step 7:

You Are Good to Go! 

You're pretty much done!

Finish Tightening up any screws you may have left loose. 

Then take your Tilting assembly, and Slot the 4 tabs on the top into the 4 slots on the back of your Main Case assembly. 

This should be a fairly loose fit for easy swapping and travel!

Congrats on your new Mad Noodle Tilt Case Set! 

Be sure to check out our additional ColorWay Packs to mix and match your case colors to match your setup!

If you are having trouble during your assembly, you can contact us via our Contact Page

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