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VIA Setup Guide
for All Mad Noodle Keypads

Mad Noodle Plus Via

What is Via?

The VIA keyboard firmware is an open source user-friendly desktop or web app that allows you to configure, test, and design the settings for your mechanical keypads. With VIA, you can easily remap keys, program macros, and adjust lighting options on-the-fly without the need for compiling or flashing firmware!

It's best to use this guide on your desktop browser

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If you prefer, you can accompany this guide with this crude but effective 'VIA Setup Guide' video to enhance and help your setup process!

Getting VIA to Recognize Your Keypad


Before you begin, make sure you have:

  • A Mad Noodle keypad

  • A USB cable to connect your keypad to your computer

  • The latest files downloaded by clicking the button below. 

Download This File

Check out our VIA Support GitHub for another version of this guide and the source files if you need them! 

Firmware Update


If you purchased your keypad in 2024 or later, it should already come with the latest VIA firmware. For older models, please update your firmware:

  1. Extract and open the file downloaded from the step above.

  2. Locate the 'Firmware' folder that corresponds to your specific keypad model.

  3. Find the Via firmware .hex or .uf2 file associated with your keypad.

  4. Install the firmware as usual, following the flashing instructions provided in The Mad Noodle Flashing Guide.

Setting up VIA

Via Software

You can configure your keypad using the VIA application, which is available as a Web App or a standalone desktop application.There's no functionality difference between the two, so choose what fits you best!

Configuring Your Keypad with VIA

Once you have VIA open:

  1. Go to 'Settings' and enable the "Show Design tab" option. If prompted click 'Confirm'.

  2. Select the 'Design' tab, indicated by a paintbrush icon.

  3. Under 'Load Draft Definitions', upload your {keypad}.json file from the 'Via Definitions' folder that corresponds to your specific keypad model.

Return back to the "Configure" tab, and now your keypad should now be fully functional with VIA. If you encounter any issues, try changing the 'Render Mode' to 3D in the settings menu.

Start Editing your Keymap:

  1. Select the key you'd like to remap on the virtual keypad. It will be highlighted in red when ready to be assigned a new keycode.

  2. From the selection of keycodes on the bottom portion of the Via window, select the desired keycode you would like to assign.

Enhanced Keycodes and Features for Mad Noodle Keypads with VIA

Some Mad Noodle Keypads come equipped with specialized keycodes and features designed to enhance your experience. Below are the details of these unique functionalities:

Layer Change Indicators

When switching between layers, the keypad offers visual feedback through its RGB backlighting:

  • Default Setting: The RGB backlight blinks to indicate a layer change, with distinct colors assigned to each layer:

    • Layer 0: White

    • Layer 1: Red

    • Layer 2: Green

    • Layer 3: Blue

  • Alternative Option: You can choose to have one of the four LEDs maintain a constant  white  light, correlating to the active layer.

To switch between these visual feedback options, use the keycode found in the "Custom" section labeled "RGB Layer Mode".

Keycode for Layer Cycling

With a tap on this custom keycode, you can cycle through the layers in sequence, from Layer 0 to Layer 3.

This feature is accessible in the "Custom" section under the label "Cycle Layers".

Important Reminder: For consistent performance, ensure that this custom keycode is assigned to the same key across all layers.

Support and Contact

For further assistance, please reach out through our GitHub Issues or contact support directly at our websites Contact Page

Hope you love this new support we added for your Mad Noodle KeyPad!

If you find any bugs or run into any issues, we would love to have your feedback!

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