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notable projects

The Mad Noodle Keyboards

The Mad Noodle | Keyboards

Premium Mechanical Keyboards and Macro-pads

The Mad Noodles has developed a range of custom fully programable mechanical keyboards and macro-pads with a clean "Bare PCB" design aesthetic.

This includes the popular NCC-1701-KB: Star Trek-Inspired Macro-pad, which employs 8 mechanical CherryMX switches, knurled aluminum encoder knob and laser-cut acrylic base plate.

Also, coming soon the Noodle-Pad v1 with USB Type-C, and the Keybored v1: Bluetooth 60% Keyboard with split-spacebar. Purchase on Etsy or though our online store!

Spül | Tracker

Spül 3D |3D Printing

Spül|Tracker: IoT Filament Manager

Spül is the first IoT internet-enabled filament tracker, manager, and runout/clog detection system developed for both 3D printing hobbyists and professionals.

This innovative little device was made for the 3D printing industry and Maker Community. It uses an ultra-high-resolution encoder system to measure crucial 3D print telemetry and display it via its built-in OLED display, or in more detail on its online dashboard, where along with viewing graphs and data you can also adjust its advanced tracking settings. Spül is still in the pre-release development phase but it is due to launch soon! 

Project Cupcake & The Mad Noodle

Project Cupcake Restoration

Breathing new life into an old legend.

The Cupcake CNC by Makerbot Industries was hailed as the first desktop 3D printer for the average consumer and it paved to way for the modern 3D printing industry we know today. Calling it old is a bit funny, but even though it was only 9 years ago the rate at which the industry progressed after this was staggering. Effectively changing the 3D printing and Open Source Hardware world forever. For this reason, we wanted to bring the classic back to life. We want to create museum pieces out of these legendary machines, and also create modernized versions that invoke the same feeling as the original.

coming soon
3D Print UnF**ker

The Mad Noodle | Software

3D Print UnF**ker:
Failed Gcode Reprocessor

When your 3D printer clogs midway through your 3D print, often you are not able to recover it, so you just have to bite the bullet and restart from the beginning, wasting expensive time and material. Discarding failed or clogged 3D prints

are the bane of every 3D printer owner's existence. This simple and slightly

vulgar open-source tool changes that. It takes the gcode file of the failed 3D print, automatically editing and adding the gcode commands required to restart the lost print from the exact point where it failed, saving the print from the trash and saving you time and money! Visit the Github to contribute or download!

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