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Udon:13 v.2, The Second Iteration You've Been Waiting For

Introducing the Udon:13 v.2, the latest mechanical macro keypad from The Mad Noodle. The second iteration of one of our most beloved keypads, the Udon:13 v.2, returns by popular demand, now more refined and better than ever.

For a full product overview, see: Udon:13 v.2


Handcrafted Excellence

Each Udon:13 v.2 is meticulously handcrafted in-house, ensuring the highest quality and a personal touch. The dedication to artisanal craftsmanship means every keypad is not only a highly functional piece of tech but also a unique, bespoke creation.


Ultimate Customizability

  • 12 Fully Programmable, Hot-Swappable Key Switches: Choose from any standard Cherry MX switches, or opt for no switches if you have your own preference.

  • Programmable Push Button Encoder Knob: Features a polished, knurled metal knob perfect for tasks beyond the reach of standard keyswitches.

  • 128x32px OLED Display: Provides crucial information such as your current keymap layer or the status of your main keyboard's Caps, Num, and Scroll Lock. Plus, with some firmware tweaks and a little coding skill, you can customize it to display anything you want!

  • Smoked Acrylic Window: One of the new additions to V.2, the OLED display is now shielded by a smoked acrylic window, which gives it a more polished and refined appearance.


Ergonomic and Practical Design

  • Removable, 25° Non-Slip Tilt Feet: A highly requested addition to the V.2, these feet provide ergonomic comfort and practicality for any desk setup.


Powerful And Aesthetic

  • RP2040 Microcontroller: Upgraded for enhanced performance and functionality.

  • VIA and QMK Compatible: Easily record macros for your keys and knobs. And for those looking for even more advanced customization, the Udon:13 provides the flexibility to effortlessly create, modify, and organize macros and profiles, thanks to its versatile firmware choices.

  • USB-C Plug-And-Play: Once you've set up your keypad, no additional software is needed for operations, making it cross-compatible with PCs, Macs, Linux, iPads, and more—basically anything that supports a keyboard.

  • Crystal-Clear Acrylic Case: Showcases The Mad Noodle's signature 'Bare PCB Aesthetic,' making it a standout piece on any desk.

  • Customizable RGB LED Underglow: Enjoy a full suite of animations with fully addressable RGB LEDs, adding a vibrant touch to your workspace.


Designed for Creators

Whether you're a designer, artist, photographer, video editor, content creator, gamer, developer, musician, or even an Excel user or customer service rep, the Udon:13 v.2 is engineered to enhance your digital workflow.


A Centerpiece for Your Desk

Beyond enhancing your workflow, the Udon:13 v.2 is a beautifully designed desk accessory that can elevate your entire setup. It's not just a keypad; it's a statement piece that combines aesthetics with premium functionality.


Small Batch Drops With Fast and Free Shipping

The Mad Noodle has evolved, now offering limited quantity batch drops for faster delivery. Expect your handmade Udon:13 v.2 to ship out within 2-3 business days from the time of purchase (after preorder period), with Free shipping!

Gone are the days of made-to-order waiting times.


Each batch could be unique - from color to switch type, and maybe even a special edition version too!


Upgrade your workspace with the Udon:13 v.2 by The Mad Noodle, where artisanal craftsmanship meets ultra-functional tech.

Udon:13 V.2 | Custom Mechanical Macro Keypad

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