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NCC-1701-KB bottom PCB
NCC-1701-KB Top PCB
NCC-1701-KB closeup PCB
our service

Using creative engineering, electronics, and code, we help turn your ideas and concepts into reality! Specializing in prototyping, interactive systems, product development, 3D printing, and installations, we can tackle any project with creativity and efficiency, even on the tightest of budgets.

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how we can help
Have a product idea for a new kind of coffee maker? 

We can help you develop the hardware, create demo software, design the PCBs, and get the soft prototype manufactured and ready to present to investors!

Have a big event coming up? 

Need a machine that takes tokens or tickets to dispense plastic cutlery and straws to help reduce waste? 
We can create a fully automated kiosk using an array of sensors and motors to dispense the items and include a screen that shows the harm that waste causes to the environment!

Are you an artist?

Were you hired to create a large installation in that big-name company's new office in downtown Manhattan?
We can help you make it interactive! Adding lights and movement to create a phenomenal spectacle that people will want to stop and experience. 

Need a test fixture?

Help your assembly line to upload firmware and test your product's full functionality all at once before it's shipped to the end-user.

We can analyze the processes and create a full test jig with a touch screen PASS/FAIL interface so you can increase efficiency and waste less time trying to assess the issue! 

recent projects
Spül | Tracker 

The first IoT 3D printing filament tracker, manager, and run-out/clog detection system


The Mad Noodle Keyboards and Keypads

Premium custom mechanical keyboards, macro-pads and other Human Interface Devices


Project Cupcake Restorations

An endeavor to bring new life to a legend of the 3D printing world and the first desktop 3D printer

  • Prototyping

  • Proof of Concept  

  • Electronics and Hardware Development

  • Embedded Software 

  • Arduino & Raspberry Pi 

  • IoT Development

  • CAD Modeling

  • 3D Model Clean-Up

  • PCB Layout and Design

  • PCB Assembly

  • Product Design

  • Automation and Motor Control

  • Automation Scripts

  • Interactive Displays 

  • Consultation (Electronics, 3D Printing, 3D Printing DFM, "Maker" Market)

  • 3D Printing Education (classes, workshops)

  • 3D Printer Repair

  • Specialized in the 3D Printing and "Maker" Space 

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