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See VIA Setup Guide for up-to-date guide

QMK-Vial Support

for Mad Noodle Keypads

What is Vial?

"Vial is an open-source cross-platform (Windows, Linux, and Mac) GUI and a QMK fork for configuring your Keyboard in real-time!"

In other words, with Vial, you are able to change your keymap (yes, even the encoder knob!) on the fly at the click of a button via a simple-to-use desktop application! 

Please note: This is still very much in beta, and only limited testing has been done with our keypads, so bugs and other issues are to be expected! 

Vial Logo


Setting up Vial

Installing the Vial Software

  1. Navigate to the Downloads page of Vial's website.


  2. Download the latest installer that corresponds with your computer's operating system.

  3. Open the downloaded installer and follow the instructions.

  4. Vial's software is now installed and ready to go! All you need to do now is flash your keypad!

Flashing Vial Firmware to your Keypad

Note: If you've received your keypad AFTER March 2022 Vial will be flashed on your keypad by default and you can skip the below steps.

  1. Select your keypad model above to download the required HEX file.

  2. Flash this HEX file using QMK Toolbox as you would normally with a QMK Keymap file. 

  3. That's it! Your keypad is ready to go! 

You're Good To Go! 

All that's left to do is plug in your keypad, open Vial on your computer, and start configuring your keymaps!  When you open Vial you should see the connected keypad. To change a key, just click on the key on the diagram and choose your desired keycode from the menu! That's it! Your key is changed and no clunky re-flashing needed! 

If you find any bugs or run into any issues, we would love to have your feedback!

Fill out the contact form on our Contact Page

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