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DROP[3] is Out of Stock! Possibly making more Black PCBs in the next week. Check back for details! 


Introducing the NoodlePad[Micro] by The Mad Noodle – the ultimate premium compact keypad for creators and professionals who thrive on the move or are just looking for a compact, yet powerful keypad that’s as aesthetic as it is functional. This tiny powerhouse is designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow, no matter where you are or what you're doing.


For a full product overview see: NoodlePad [Micro]


  • Handmade and Assembled in NYC
  • 6 Programmable Mechanical Keyswitches
  • 2 Knurled Aluminum Gold Push Button Encoder Knobs
  • Includes a Travel Hard Case- USB Type-C connector
  • Comes pre-flashed with VIA Firmware (And Fully QMK Compatible for Advanced Users)
  • Underneath, there are 4 ultra-bright addressable RGB LEDs that allow for a full suite of animations
  • Custom Laser Cut Acrylic Base Plate and Hot-swap keyplate kit that includes all hardware and a translucent clear bottom panel with an etched Mad Noodle Logo, that glows with the backlight!


Whether you're an artist sketching in Procreate, a photographer editing in Photoshop, a video editor cutting clips on the go, a streamer managing your Streamlabs, or a finance professional navigating through Excel spreadsheets, the NoodlePad Micro is your new secret weapon. With its two encoder knobs and six hot-swap mechanical key switches, you can map and set any shortcut to suit your needs, streamlining your creative process.


The NoodlePad Micro isn't just versatile; it's also universally compatible. It works seamlessly with PC, Mac, and even iPads. And you don't have to worry about it getting banged up in transit – it comes with a sturdy travel hard case that protects it no matter where your work takes you.


Staying true to The Mad Noodle's signature style, the NoodlePad Micro boasts a classic bare PCB aesthetic that's sure to turn heads. But it's not just about looks; this keypad is built to perform.


The Mad Noodle has evolved, now offering limited quantity batch drops for faster delivery. Expect your handmade NoodlePad Micro to ship out within 2-3 business days from the time of purchase.


Gone are the days of made-to-order waiting times.


This new drop features two colorways:


Black⚫: Black PCB, Gold Plated traces and logos, White Keycaps, and Polished Gold Knobs. Striking and bold but still has an air of being subtly inconspicuous with its classic Black look!


Purple🟣:  Beautiful Purple PCB, Gold Plated traces and logos, White keycaps, and Polished Gold Knobs gives this keypad a POP of color that we haven't offered before.


Customization doesn't stop there – choose from any of the main Cherry MX line of key switches to match your typing preference. And for those who already have a preferred set of switches, there's an option to purchase the NoodlePad Micro without any.


Each batch could be unique - from color to switch type, and maybe even a special edition version too!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this refined and polished tool that combines functionality with portability. The NoodlePad Micro by The Mad Noodle is here to change the game for creatives and professionals on the move.

The NoodlePad[Micro] Custom Mechanical Keypad

  • DROP[3] - Is currently Out of Stock

    Colorway Options:

    • Black ⚫ (Currently Sold Out - But producing a few more soon, so check back)
    • Purple 
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